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End of Summer Dinner Party

Join us and take part in exciting End of Summer Dinner Party!

we cannot extend the tickets due to limitations of the restaurant.
Purchased tickets cannot be reimbursed; however, you can sell it to another PhD fellow and send us his/her contact details before 25.09.2020.

The coronavirus forced us to suspend most of our regular events and despite previous years sadly we cannot organize our famous boat party at the end of summer; however, we have decided to organize a different event with considering all the limitation and restrictions during the pandemic.

Join us and take part in exciting End of Summer Dinner Party!
You will be served with 3 course menu at the restaurant Landgoed Heerdeberg with extraordinary location among rocks and caves! We selected Heerdeberg since they cook and live to the rhythm of the seasons. They know the food chain and keep it healthy and transparent by harvesting and growing most of their organic vegetable and animals at beautiful space. Besides, you can enjoy the excellent music of the record collector and DJ, Jef Hecker. last but not least, you can make a walk to the natural caves located within restaurant garden and take wonderful photos.

More information:

* WHEN: Friday 25th of Sep 2020
* TIME: 17:30_22:00
* WHERE: Landgoed Heerdeberg, Pater Kustersweg 20, 6267 NL Cadier en Keer
* Ticket: (18 euro, early bird)

During the event you will meet our corona coach Carlos Andrés García Velásquez as the volunteer to help to ensure that we enjoy the dinner according to UM corona guidelines with a certain form of control and feedback.

Here are some of regulations:
You need to buy your own ticket and enter your personal information (email, phone number) and accept the terms and conditions.

Your body temperature at pre-entry health check will be measured. You will be served in an open space (garden terrace) and you should avoid the covered spaces inside the restaurant as much as possible.

You will be allocated to a seat (max 4 or 5) in advance. You can provide us the list of your table through email or facebook. Changing places is not allowed and you must keep distance at least 1.5 meters with other participants who are not at your table.

If you will be visiting the caves with your group, we kindly ask you to wear the face mask which will be provided by the corona coach.



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