Ph.D. Academy relies on the active involvement of a large number of volunteers. The individual volunteers form various committees typically organize events and take care of planning and execution. They are supported by the board of Ph.D. Academy with administrative tasks, finances, and promotion. To reach out to all PhDs of Maastricht University, the Ph.D. Academy maintains a network of contact people for each department or faculty.


We also have a connection with the Ph.D. candidates that represent the interests of PhDs in the University Council and the Faculty Councils. Furthermore, one of the PhDs of the University Council also is the representative for all PhDs of Maastricht University on the national level in the Dutch Ph.D. network.




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Matin Rostamitabar

Nicolò Mangraviti


Jana-Ch. Hegenbarth



Jana-Ch. Hegenbarth

Tobias Messmer

Vinidhra Shankar

Anxhela Habibi

Vinidhra Shankar

Nicolò Mangraviti