PhD Sports Committee

The goal of the sports committee is get all of us PhD out of the offices and lab while having some fun with fellow PhDs and doing something good for body and mind. We want to organize sports activities throughout the year such as annual multi-day trips, day trips or weekly sports activities for PhDs.

Ski Trip to Davos

Our biggest event of the year is the ski trip, which takes place in late January or early February. For the past couple of years, we have been to Davos, Switzerland for 4-7 days. The trip, to which family and friends are also welcomed, always includes transport from Maastricht, accommodation, breakfast & dinner as well as a ski pass – all at a very attractive price. We aim to pick a location that ski and snowboard riders of all skills levels can join and enjoy. We are also happy to assist in arranging courses for people who have never stood on skies before. We love snow and winter sports and want to give everyone a chance to experience the same!

Other Activities/New Members

Furthermore, we are looking for new committee members who want to get involved with the sports committee and organize other activities or trips. It can be any sports – summer or winter, indoor or outdoor. Ideas are single day or multi day hiking trips, surfing trips to the (Dutch/French/Portuguese) coast, weekly team sports such as soccer, volleyball, a running team for Maastrichts Mooiste, etc. or any other idea you might have. If you enjoy the sport and think other will also enjoy, we can help you setting it up and finding like-minded people at Maastricht University.

Please get in touch with the heads of the committee Hannah Schmitt ( or Tim Reissner ( for any questions about organizing events, joining the committee, or the annual ski trip.